I’m glad you hit the “Invite” tab. It’s the first step in the journey and gives me the chance to explain that somewhat off-putting title.

My purpose?  The Polished Turd is my blog about thoughts, ideas, compelling stories and their application to driving business success through marketing.

I call it The Polished Turd because it’s confronting and that’s on purpose.  It’s unexpected, provocative, attention-getting.  Slightly daring. If you’re here then it’s probably because you’ve felt provoked to click through and find out what a blog called The Polished Turd is about and that’s the point.

The name comes from a saying I heard years ago: “you can’t polish a turd”.  Sure, it’s gross though the idea holds merit and that is if something is bad, then no matter how you try to present it, it’s still bad.

Once upon a time I believed that saying wholeheartedly and without exception.  I no longer do, because I’ve discovered that most times a turd (in the context of the saying) can be polished.  Sure, if the offer, product or service is rank to start with then trying to shine it up won’t fool anyone (and the process of over-trying should be a lighthouse telling you to stop or change course).  If it’s not, then the thought that it is possible, applied to marketing and business strategy, should always direct you to ask questions and discover how.

Because if what lies beneath the dull surface is a nugget of gold then with insight, a compelling story and the right angle, you can create something shiny, new, inviting and value-creating.  Good propositions that fail are usually lacking the compulsion to be daring, different or seek to follow the curve instead of attempting to draw a new one.  Great ideas and stories deserve more than that.

I know, because I’ve learned, applied and achieved it.  I started this blog to share my experiences applying new, creative angles to solve business, marketing and communications problems.

It’s also my way of re-affirming that effective marketing is, and always will be about great ideas and telling stories.  Sloppy or arrogant campaigns that ignore (or even worse, undermine) the fundamentals of marketing and devalue customers, no matter what the channel, are a danger to the marketing profession and I have no time for them.

If you’re looking for research-based analysis and thesis-style arguments then you’re in the wrong place. What you will find here are thoughts, provocations, questions and illustrations from which I draw insight to help to transform your own thinking, accelerate your process, unlock some new ideas or provide a jab to telling or activating your story.

My MO is to invite, entertain, interact, experience, engage and motivate.  This is manifested through the insight, ideas and observations I write about and my hope is that my stories will help you to make your own difference.

Thanks for accepting my invitation and for being my audience. I hope that I can help you find your grain of sand.  Find out more about me by visiting my Linkedin profile.

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