Clarity of Vision by Oldsmobile


Recently I received some much-needed clarity and it came to me in the shape of an Oldsmobile.

It came at a time when it was precisely needed because some of my visions had become cluttered with noise.

Rainy day eBay trawling netted a fine piece of automotive cherry in a 1975 Oldsmobile 88 Royale coupe.  I’m more of a ’50′s and ’60′s American car guy but there’s something about these pre-gas crunch ’70′s cars that’s every bit appealing as the finned and chromed wonders of their forbearers.

This particular example, a Florida-based survivor, resplendent in beaming white, audacious red leather and velour interior and the “royal” trimmings and comforts you’d expect, dropped my jaw.

Almost instantaneously, in my mind’s eye, I saw myself rocking up to the seller in Florida, doing the deal, jumping in the car, rolling down the windows and cruising to Long Beach on the US west coast (stopping by an old friend’s place in Lancaster).  Once there, I loaded her up nice and safe in a container, watched her lifted onto a ship and waved her goodbye as I rolled off (probably in a rented Cadillac) to take in some of the Californian car culture, sights and visit US mates before flying back to Australia some time after.

I played that movie on the screen of my mind and at the curtain spoke out loud: “that’s one thing I want to be able to do”.  That is, where something takes my eye and tickles my desires, I want to be in a position to make a free choice on what to do about it.

In the context of that Oldsmobile and the part it might play in my life, I desire to be financially and time positioned to be able to make those kinds of choices, when or wherever they may unexpectedly come up.

Noise eradicated?  Check.  Clarity of vision and motivation?  Affirmative.

Back on track to achieving goals?  You bet.  See how that worked?  Doesn’t seem so hard now, does it?

Find your what and your why.  Find it anywhere you can and pin it to your strategy (personal goal-setting, job-seeker, entrepreneur, small business owner, corporate employee, manager, CEO).

The process of transforming your visions into motivations, goals and actions to achieve them, then becomes a lot more clear.

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