“Come fly with me…”

Being remarkable and memorable involves deliberate steps.

Change the scheme.
Alter the mood.
Interrupt the routine.
Be unexpected.

Need an illustration and example? Watch how this (now famous) airline steward does just that during the usually mundane cabin announcement before the tragic experience that’s air travel in the now times.

Maybe you, like me, remember a time when flying had an element of excitement.

Not any more.

For most of us it’s like riding a bus, only worse. For the privileged few, the comfort level is obviously far better but you have to pay for it. A lot.

This clip shows how an act of unexpectation by a single crew member is helping to make the drudgery of the necessity of flying more positively memorable.

It also helps to be honest. If you didn’t catch what he says right before delivering the message, go ahead and take another look at how he begins the engagement by telling honestly how he’s all done after five flights.

While it appears Southwestern, as a company, haven’t really harnessed the brand potential shown by its staff (the clip was originally posted mid to late last year), the clip is filled with demonstrations of great marketing engagement and grass roots guerilla marketing.

The brand trigger created through the memory of that rap (for online viewers, first-hand witnesses and the people they tell the story to), the break in routine makes the experience all that more bearable, inviting the customers to participate brings down barriers that don’t need to be there and of course, staff demonstrate how choosing to be memorable impacts the customer experience as well as their own satisfaction.

It’s all just a matter of choice, daring and action really. And it’s free.

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