“Won’t bind your legs”

Have you ever had one of those days where you learned absolutely nothing, gained no knowledge at all?  It feels empty and incomplete.

A day without gaining any knowledge at all is a day wasted, no matter what else happens, because knowledge is currency and one day you might need to draw on it.

Whether it’s trivial or mountain-shifting, edifying or entertaining, there’s always something new to be discovered. Learning a single piece of something can also start you on a trail of discovery that can uncover a whole series of thoughts, ideas and insights, which in-itself is always exciting.

For example, did you know that (back in the day) Chuck Norris helped design and endorsed a range of jeans specifically for “stunt fighting in action movies”? Yep, what every man needs for those stunt-fighting sequences you find yourself in (as an action man) every day is a pair of Action Jeans.   The key feature was a hidden gusset, the benefit of which was that they “won’t bind your legs” or rip when you shoot the enemy with a high kick (in cowboy boots or nothing, it goes without saying). And Chuck endorsed them, so you knew they were good.

Until today, I didn’t know this but now I do (thanks to a bit of tweet-farming), it entertains me and because of that it sticks and that’s my point.

For instance, could the idea behind Chuck Norris’ jeans story be leveraged to create different marketing stories? Maybe even used to think about improving or developing new products (that overlap needs or wants) or promotions that cut-through and invite? Could the simple act of just knowing it lead you to unlocking new ideas for differentiation from your competitors or innovation?  You may not see it right this second and it might even take some fairly lateral, creative thinking though I’m absolutely certain that there’s an angle there somewhere (and I’m not talking about the 120-odd degree high kick on Chuck).

Keep your eyes open, your ears tuned and experience all things that pass you by because with a bit of thought, there just might be some insight to be drawn on (now or later) that can unbind your legs and set your story apart.

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