No Elvis impersonators

no elvis impersonators
I have only one creative rule: no Elvis impersonators.

I was presented with a creative idea using Elvis impersonators once.  It wasn’t pretty.

Some Elvis impersonators pay genuine homage to The King, but in general most of them are parasites, profiting from his brand or at best, making fun of a great artist during a period in which he was truly troubled (in fact I view Elvis impersonators in much the same way as politicians in that they probably get into it for the right reasons but eventually lose sight of why, though now I’m really off the track).

Other than that one rule, all ideas are game on as far as I’m concerned because creative daring is essential for breaking free from the clutter to get your story told and heard.

Marketers have to trust their agencies and give them access to their innermost thoughts, visions and emotions because that’s where truly great briefs are crafted.  Agencies have to understand what drives their client, ask probing (provocative) questions to unlock the real truth and creativity in a story and then be allowed (or unafraid) to present a radical, transformative idea.

If, as a marketer, you find yourself making lots of changes to an idea, or even worse questioning the font or colours they’ve used (yes, it really does happen), then there’s trouble a-foot.  I’d venture that nothing can be achieved from that kind of relationship.  Sure, you’re probably spinning the wheels and churning the work through but it’s all wasted because it’ll transform nothing.

I love it when I see a truly daring, transformative campaign that gets everybody talking and more importantly, customers engaging with the story.  I love it because I know that it’s the result of a solid relationship between client and agency, where there’s a deep understanding of the brand’s strategic vision, goals, tactical objectives, desired audiences and what needs to be said.

And there are no Elvis impersonators.

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