Monthly Archives: February 2010

Asset leverage

Very financial sounding for a marketing blog, so what’s “asset leverage” got to do with marketing?

Everything.  Because great marketing (strategic, campaign-based or tactical) is just that.  Asset leverage.

The best campaigns I’ve ever seen and been involved in (particularly the fantastically successful guerilla-style ones that get amazing cut-through) are the result of maximum leverage of assets.

Every business, venture, company or brand has assets.  Existing brands have massive assets (brands that falter, in my opinion, do so partly because of a failure to leverage them, but that’s for another post) though new brands do too.

I’m not talking about the product either.  While products can, technically be assets, your most valuable assets are the things competitors can’t own.  Things like the owners profile or background, the brand experiences & systems you’ve developed, your unique value proposition, location, market position and a whole host of other things.

The other great thing about the term “asset leverage” is that it’s a good pitch to get  buy-in, not only from the more financially and ROI-focused team-members or C-levels in corporates but from SME’s as well, who are less cashed up (generally speaking) and understand the concept of leveraging financial assets.  It can help to cut-through with potential investors too.

This concept of leveraging assets for greater returns in financial investments is as valid for getting great returns from your marketing plan.  A strategy that knows and successfully leverages marketing assets will amplify returns and win in the brand and bottom-line stakes.