“Made ya look” marketing

That’s a term I use to describe marketing done by (mostly) small businesses using footpath characters.

It’s when you’re driving along and, almost out of the blue, you see a gorilla, or a Santa, or a horse, or just a couple of guys wearing sandwich boards, waving their hands, maybe holding a sign up and almost pleading for your attention.

Today I was making good time on the road when, out of the blue, there’s Big Bird waving like a mad thing and holding up a sign for the lighting shop he was standing right out front of.  Wasn’t a great Big Bird, might not even have been Big Bird, but that’s what I saw.  Gave them a honk (it was something like 30 degrees and I felt sorry for him or her in that suit), got an acknowledging wave and then continued on.

Are they relevent to the business?  Mostly not, except maybe for Santa around Christmas time.  Do you see the sign and the business name?  Mostly, unless they’ve used the wrong gauge permanent marker.  Can you help looking though?  Definitely not and that’s my point.

See if Big Bird hadn’t been standing out front of that light shop, I wouldn’t have bat an eyelid.

Big Bird got my attention though and next time I’m thinking about buying lights, I’ll be remembering that spot, because Big Bird made me look.

If you don’t have a “made ya look” in your marketing arsenal, you’d better go find it or create it.  Or else you risk losing out  in the memorability stakes.

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