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Be detailed about your brand, if nothing else.

Working through a brand launch project with a client very recently, I received some feedback that made me think (not do, which should be an aim of most feedback anyway, but that’s for another post).

We were working through a new website specifically, but it’s in the context of a brand launch.  He told me that I was a detail guy; that I had a proverbial “eye for detail”.   That raised an eyebrow (mine).

See, if there’s one thing I’m not great at it’s detail.  It’s not my strength.  My strength is seeing the broader picture, how things are interacting together to send a single message, and whether that message fits or is right, in the context of a brand.  I’m a visionary thinker, at a strategic level (meta, macro & micro).  I’m a right-brainer, and details are like clowns; they frighten me and when it comes to executing details, that’s best left to others.

When I thought about it though, I came to a realisation.  When talking about creating, building and sustaining strong brands & mind-blowing brand experiences, I AM a detail guy.  Say it loud, say it proud, and so should you be.

After the truth-finding mission, it’s the details that I get concerned with.  The look and feel, sure.  But it’s also the customer processes & experiences, staff (and owner’s) attitude, sensory elements including the graphic design, font styles, copy style (length, depth, how technical or descriptive, fun, serious or somewhere in between).  Every invitation & interaction between you, your market & your customers has to be rooted in your brand, and if getting anal on those things makes me a detail guy, then a detail guy I am.

See, you can have the most fantastic analysis on strategic position ever done, the greatest, most memorable name in the world, a logo that drops jaws and ads that stop traffic.  But it’s the little things that will de-rail (even destroy) your brand if you let them, and take you from memorable to forgotten in a gasp.

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